10 Tips for Safer Winter Driving

Miley Legal Group

Winter driving can be hazardous; however, you can reduce the chance of an accident by preparing yourself ahead of time. Know what you should and shouldn’t do when the roads are icy or wet.

The following are 10 tips that can help make driving this winter safer:

  • drive defensively – allow for enough space between vehicles, and signal ahead of time before making a lane change or turning;
  • slow down – when the roads are icy or wet, reduce your speed;
  • brake sooner – make sure there is enough room to brake to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you;
  • brake gently – sudden braking increases the chance of skidding;
  • use caution – especially on overpasses, ramps and bridges because the roads on these tend to freeze quicker;
  • be visible – make sure your lights are on;
  • clear windows – thoroughly brush the snow off your vehicle, scrape off the ice and use your defrosters;
  • accelerate slowly – tires can slip easier on ice or snow if you step on the gas too fast;
  • be deliberate – when turning, braking or accelerating because sudden maneuvers can cause you to lose control; and
  • avoid distractions – texting, talking on the phone and other behaviors can increase the risk of an accident.

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