10 Guidelines for Gun Safety While Hunting in West Virginia

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Did you get a Brute Force 300 this year for Christmas that you can’t wait to jump on and drive? How about a nice, shiny rifle that you can’t wait to show off to your friends on a hunting trip in Beech Fork Lake? Whatever the case may be, remember that safety comes first. If you do become entangled in the consequences of a serious hunting accident that wasn’t your fault, a West Virginia personal injury attorney is available for help.

10 Safety Guidelines for Gun Use While Hunting in West Virginia

By following these safety tips, you may avoid the chance of accidents and injury. 

  • Care for your gun as if it were loaded.
  • Keep the gun pointed in a secure position.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Clear your barrel and view of any blockage.
  • Unload the gun when you’re not using it.
  • Don’t point your gun at something you aren’t going to shoot.
  • Only load your firearm when you’re set in position to hunt.
  • Don’t shoot at water or a flat, solid surface.
  • Store your gun and ammunition away from each other.
  • Don’t drink and hunt.

Following safety regulations can make your hunting experience more enjoyable and free of accidents that can cause severe or fatal injuries. Understand that while you may be a responsible hunter, someone else may not. If you become the victim of a hunting accident in West Virginia, call a personal injury attorney for help.