Attorney Referrals

Are You Interested in Extra Income for Your Law Firm?

Do You Receive Personal Injury Calls That You Can’t Take?

Are you getting web inquiries about car accident cases?

Running a law practice can be difficult.  Billing a certain number of hours, collecting fees and appeasing difficult clients can drag down any excellent attorney.  It can be difficult to run around trying to bring in more revenue for a law firm on top of giving time and energy to each case.  However, there is a better way! The Miley Legal Group has found the easiest method to bring additional income into your firm with very little work, and we want to share this knowledge with you.

The number one method in which we obtain additional revenue is through referrals and it can be the same for you!

The Miley Legal Group receives hundreds of web and phone inquiries about cases we cannot possibly take.  Just this past week, we received SSI, Family Law, Criminal, and Worker’s Compensation cases that we had to pass on.  The West Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct were changed (effective on January 1, 2015) to allow lawyers in West Virginia to offer referral fees to other attorneys that send them cases.  So, we pass the cases we cannot handle to attorneys like you that we trust will handle the case in the same manner that we handle ours.  With the client’s best interest in mind.

I am sure you are getting calls – even if they’re not common – for Personal Injury cases.  Wouldn’t it be better if those calls didn’t go to waste and you had a reliable firm to send those people for help?

The #1 concern for most attorneys with their referrals is not the money (though it doesn’t hurt if the firm is also 100% reliable on sending your referral check after a settlement or verdict has been reached).  An attorney’s most common worry is making sure that the potential client is given superstar service. After all, the treatment the client receives reflects on your recommendation – which affects your reputation.

Any law firm takes their reputation pretty seriously.  Miley Legal Group takes your reputation seriously as well. When you refer cases to our firm, we will serve your client at a standard high enough to boost both of our firms in the eyes of our clients.

We make it easy for you.

You are a busy attorney, so you don’t want this to be a complicated process. The Miley Legal group ensures that it won’t be.  Just follow the process outlined below:

Be a SUPER ATTORNEY to Your Clients!

Here’s how our referral system works:

  1. You get called or contacted about a personal injury claim.  (Car accident, truck accident, wrongful death…claims that you just don’t deal with.)
  2. You collect contact information and offer to send the prospect our valuable FREE BOOK – The 7 Crucial Facts that You Need to Know After Being in a WV Car Accident – that we supply.  Even though you are making a referral, you are sending them something free that they will find helpful.
  3. Ask them to provide you with specific details of their accident and even forward the incident report, so you can have it reviewed by a trusted and experienced legal team.
  4. You send us their name and contact info- with their permission, or you have them contact us directly and tell us you sent them.  We will provide them with a spectacular experience, even if we can’t help them, and we’ll boost you up in their eyes.
  5. We will provide regular updates on the status of the case.
  6. When the client hires us and settles or wins a filed lawsuit, we will send you a check for one-third of our fee, or approximately $5,445 for a case that settles for $50,000.  Sound like good money for passing on a case?
  7. We provide client follow up and continual marketing to ensure they never lose touch with us or with you.