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The Miley Legal Group focuses on the needs of our clients, no matter how big or small the case. As premier West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers, our clients get to concentrate on healing from their injuries instead of worrying about what is going to happen next. The Miley Legal Group takes the fear out of the legal process and ensures that our client’s legal rights are being protected.

Our Clarksburg personal injury lawyers are dedicated solely to personal injury cases such as: car accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, defective products and medical malpractice claims.

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From car, truck or motorcycle accidents to wrongful death claims, our experienced Clarksburg and Morgantown injury lawyers are here to assist you.

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The Miley Legal Group takes our client’s opinions very seriously. In fact, our office is in constant contact with our clients and ask for periodic feedback. Below you will find surveys we have received as completed by our clients.

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5 Critical Factors You Must Consider Before You Hire A Lawyer

Have you ever wondered what you need to know before you hire an attorney? Do you know what qualifications makes a good lawyer? Is it important that they have a website? or testimonials?


Traumatic Brain Injury Checklist

Traumatic Brain Injury after an Accident. Get the information you need to get your injury taken care of and begin your recovery. Brain Injury checklist is available free of charge.


The 7 Crucial Facts That You Need To Know After Being Injured In A WV Car Accident

Since being in your accident, you have likely been overwhelmed with advice from insurance companies, neighbors, friends, and family. This book was created to ensure that you have the best information available to you about your accident claim.


West Virginia Bikers Guide The Tools You Need to Get Back on the Road After an Accident

Free Motorcycle Accident Book West Virginia Bikers Guide The Tools You Need to Get Back on the Road After an Accident from Your Motorcycle Lawyer


When Dogs Attack: The Step by Step Guide to West Virginia Dog Bite Claims

Many of those that are injured by animals are not prepared for the aftermath of the attack. There is limited information available on how to handle a dog bite injury claim and what steps you need to take to protect you and your family.


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Meet Our West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

Your Team Of West Virginia Lawyers For Your Specific Personal Injury Case

Doug Miley
Tim Miley
Keith Gould

How Our Clarksburg and Morgantown Personal Injury Team Can Help

Whether you were involved in an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or bitten by a dog, we can help you through the accident claims process and get you back on your feet.

You are here because either you or a family member has been injured due to the fault of another. You likely have questions or concerns that need to be addressed and may be unsure of the next steps you should be taking. To assist, whether you hire us or not, we have compiled a number of free books and blog posts that provide information on what to be aware of as you pursue an accident claim. It is our belief that the more information you have, the better off you will be.

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Check out our blog for regular updates on car accidents, personal injury cases and local interests in North Central West Virginia and across the state. The Miley Legal Group is your local resource for information on personal injury cases, processes and what you can expect. Our blog will provide you with a wealth of information that can assist you and your family when considering your options.

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One of the first things you will notice about our site, is that we try to provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decision for your injury claim.

We focus on specific areas to ensure that you have the tools you need to get your issues resolved.

Let us review your issue and help you decide if you are ready or if you need to hire an attorney. We want you to be a “smart consumer” and have the information you need to make sure that the steps you are about to take best help you.

If you are not ready to call us yet, feel free to further explore our website we offer a number of resources including books, reports, videos and blog posts that explain a number of issues that you may be facing and what you can do to overcome them.

If you are ready to speak with someone and have your case evaluated, fill out one of the forms we have on our website or better yet, give us a call at (304)326-1800. We want to hear your story and guide you to a resolution that helps you and your family move forward.

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